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Took this screenshot from the new trailer; shows what's shared between PSO2 Meseta and NG. It should be noted that characters have been shared between them too - you'll be able to use them in both PSO2 and NG. How are personalities shared, exactly? If"character development will not last over", that seems like you may have a character with the same name in both matches, but I wouldn't predict that shared. That's exactly what they said. They have not mentioned anything about cosmetics yet which has some people concerned.

The only reason I am able to confidently say this is what it is, is because during the initial CBT on xbox insiders they had a really wonky translation when employing a ticket that said something along the lines of"Are you certain you would like to register this information?" My friends I have been creating"enroll that information" jokes everywhere one of us has a cosmetic we wanted. So I am 98% certain that is what they mean when they say enrolled data, which would imply all those people trying to hoard cosmetic tickets in the hopes of selling them NGS won't function as merely registered things will move over.

So that means outerwear and outfits won't move? That is still a huge fuck you to NA players that invested money and no one must scratch anymore to be honest... We do know we can bring over firearms and units, so they can handle outfits/outerwear exactly the exact same manner. We do see old Ash running along with his old outfit at the trailer. The footage they showed of this Placeholder Otherwise called Ash has him wearing his trademark default Close Quarters outfit. It is still no hard confirmation, but technically that'd mean he took it with him to NGS. FWIW that outfit is also accessible as basewear in JP therefore it's even more uncertain... but yeah I would bet a good 10k meseta on outfits and outerwear also transferring.WOW they'll coexist in precisely the exact same game and you're going to be able to move between the two with a sort of block platform? I really LOVE that. And it looks like they have more specific on what exactly fashion wise conveys over! ~ That. Absolute. Madmen. They practically connected and crammed two different MMOs in one client. I thought they just put them at precisely the exact same launcher but in precisely the exact same CLIENT!? Yeah, so its going to be one game, not two distinct games? Log in, and then choose your"ship" to select between PSO2 or NGS.

Neat idea. Its an interesting way of producing a new game, while not having the issue of"lacking content" by adding on all the PSO2 stuff. I truly thought that was made clear in the trailer itself lol. They also cleverly avoided the issue on collaboration and Voice licenses with this move as it is basically the exact same game so all collab things continue to be valid. Mad lads SEGA pulling off one of the biggest expansion without cheap meseta pso2 leaving the old game at the exact same customer lol.


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