RuneScape continues to grow more than ever

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Naturally the group and I'm saddened that some players are upset about free spins and some also do not like the capacity to also purchase additional spins, however, the reality is 90% of our members are enjoying the Squeal of Fortune on a daily basis and more than 70 percent of OSRS gold our complimentary players utilise the Squeal of Fortune daily also - making it some of the most frequently appreciated content launch thus far. Most our players also continue to take advantage of many free ways to make extra spins, so it's certainly here to remain.

The said concerns from players seeing RWT'ing, gambling or employing the Squeal of Fortune to buy their way to victory is just not true and not possible given the design of the system. Whilst we have seen most players make the most of the newest rewards and many choosing to purchase extra spins, we haven't seen any abuse of the system despite tracking it extremely closely.

Looking forward, RuneScape continues to grow more than ever, both in terms of innovative compelling content in addition to the size of their community. With the initiation of the Runespan last Monday, a significant graphical functionality upgrade yesterday (that has already seen a significant section of the community gain from more than a 100% improvement in sport frame rate), it ought to be evident that we gearing up to our exciting and biggest content year ever... such as a complete update to the combat system later this summer! You will naturally all hear far more about this at the very near future so watch that space. Thanks for reading... and have fun,

Sal's Realm Clan Citadel. This topic includes information about our existing resource inventory and goals and our present and past construction projects. The weekly poll gives you, as members of the community, a chance to vote on what the citadel should look like! Don't hesitate to post comments, suggestions, and, of course, pictures of your clanmates' antics in these private meeting rooms. Do not forget to post a screenshot of your weekly resource contributions here. Construct Hint: 10 AM GMT Tuesday.

As you may or may not know, it is possible to actually change what day the construct tick occurs on (instead of Tuesdays). I had been thinking, if we are to change the construct tick at any time, right after tier 7 would be a fantastic time to do so. Here's what I am thinking: A weekend build tick may be nice for people, so people who cap in the last minute have a Friday/Saturday to perform it (normally less busy with work/school), and people who prefer to cover first thing possess a similiar opening. To proceed the spotlight, this is exactly what it would entail:

When you proceed, you cover a weeks worth of upkeep, but no updates are built. Next time that day (the one that you're moving the spotlight to) comes around after a week, the tick will resume like normal, with the brand new moment. Because this would be a large decision which affects everyone, everyone should have thier say inside. I put up a series of poll questions to see the general sense of cheap RS gold, and from there invent a plan of action together with the staff/community/people. Clan Resources. Week 9,001 Essential Resource Targets: 4,955 timbe, 3,510 stone, 10,562 pubs,5, 610 precious bars, 4,610 fabric, 1,245 Rations.


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