There are also other capes with golden values of over

There are also other capes with golden values of over

Another way to RS gold get Clue Scrolls (and most likely the fastest) is to purchase Implings, which have been previously caught in a jar. Opening said impling containers could bring about a Clue Scroll reward. So in the event that you want to find a quick access to Treasure Trail of your own choice, you can go on this route. The downside is that this method is rather expensive. You'll need to spend quite a lot if you would like to get decent difficulty scrolls in the jars.

Reward Casket (newcomer ) Although hints from this grade have the lowest requirements, there are still several drops, which can be very valuable. To start with, you have a chance to roll up a reward from a unique drop table in the rate of 1/24 for every drop that you get. Therefore, if you receive three drops, then it leaves you 1/8 possibility of getting a unique. Obviously, if you are lucky, then you can become even three of these within one casket. The worth of items in this table yields largely from 10k to 100k, however there are a few exceptions such as Rune Scimitar Ornament Kit (Zamorak), which may be sold for around 500k gold on Grand Exchange. Besides unique drops, there's nothing worth mentioning in these caskets.

Reward Casket (simple ) At this tier, players can expect to get from 2 to 4 things. The unique drop table within this scenario contains a lot more items, so the loot worth may also vary. It is possible to find there items that are worth only a few million gold, however there are also some quite special drops. The first and the most expensive one is that the Cape of Skulls. Though this item owns the identical foundation stats as Obsidian Cloak, it also has a very distinct appearance, which is desirable by many players. It is the reason why this cape costs over 20 million gold. There are also other capes with golden values of over 1 milliongold trimmed monk robes with a value of few millions, and many set pieces that could cost a few hundreds of thousands of gold.

Reward Casket (medium) Moderate Clues are likely most frequent one of the RuneScape community since they have great rewards and not that high requirements. Among many items that you could find inside them, the many notable drop that deserves recognition is the pair of Ranger Boots. Although medium clues don't have that many high priced rewards as easy scrolls, they've a much better opportunity at Ranger Boots than Easy Casket has on Cape of Skulls.

On top of this, you will receive more rewards for opening Medium Casket than you want an Easy one (so you can anticipate things like shield h3, protect h2, or helm h3). Besides Ranger Boots on a exceptional drop list, you can also locate Spiked Manacles that cost more than 1 million. The rest of the cheap OSRS gold rewards are not as precious as both of these items.

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