I might want to play NBA 2K

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For three decades straight from 2K15-17 you could make a"99 overall demigod", there was a build in each game that could truly do it all.

For three decades straight from 2K15-17 you could make a"99 overall demigod", there was a build in each game that could truly do it all. There was less zig zag and Nba 2k21 Mt so were a few of the very games and screen cheese in at least one of these games. And funnily enough that these were the three matches of the franchise in line with the majority of the community. Evidence is there, you can check user scores on metacritic for of the 2K's. My theory is should you give everybody on the court the exact same skill set and abilities, then the winner are the squad who can utilise these abilities to a greater level?

I never understood how people could purchase annually grind every year and not except to be burnt out. The issue is when NBA 2K was fun to play, it'd never feel like a grind in the first place because I might want to play NBA 2K. A mill is really a grind no matter if you have one tell me what there's no match that grinding doesn't feel tedious. I have fun once I play it is why I play lol when the fun stops you got to uninstall and skip a couple of years. I get what you are saying. But if I look back on NBA 2K16 that was in my view the very best 2K game.

I had 4 and put in over 4,000 games of playground builds total, each with the badges. Because of how easy it was to get badges and vc, But not for one second do I feel that it was a mill for me or even the smallest bit dull it was. I simply remember playing with two or 3's together with my friends. I feel like you just obtain a"grindy" feeling whenever you have a specific goal in mind like for example needing for to legend. If you simply kinda sit and play back it will come. But thats just my take.

First of all why does intimidator exist? Put and give the intimidator badge to him along with my o threat will overlook a fucking 3% layup bc of that badge. Talking of layups the fuck r layups depressing? Hasn't 2K clips of Micheal jordan Dr Kyrie or J? Why are hooks op? I havent seen someone try a hook shot frequently ever since Timmy D retired. Why can the intimidator work but it helps me out on hooks? If this be the other way round? Twist fade and 3 3 are far too op, publishing on NBA 2K is overly op, we're in 2020 noone gives a fuck about posting about anymore, particularly hooks fades exist.

Why are dribble moves so insistent and boring? We get it u can zig zag for 20 seconds and utilize ur centre as ur bitch to set white and screens a fade out of the emblem, yeah im sure that shit takes skill. In addition to someone who abuses the Kobe escape, the blowbys we get must be nerfed it is easy to rim conduct. Call for pass ignored ought to be removed from mycareer I couldnt have contributed less fucks around AD attempting 100 percent layups 15 times NBA 2K simply gimme that the ball ima grind my badges idgaf around NBA 2K if we win or lose just gimme that the ball I want grind my badges. Randoms who refuse to pass ought to get banned that they dont deserve to buy mt nba 2k21 they deserve to be forced to play NBA 2K18 until they die.