NBA 2K21 update looks to address Ankle Breakers

NBA 2K21 update looks to address Ankle Breakers

NBA 2K21 has been out for just over a week now, and the community is being rather vocal about necessary changes and improvements needed to get the game up to the standard they expect.

Recent updates have already looked at a shooting hotfix, with a patch that brought Nba2k21 Shooting down to a reasonable level for those on lower difficulty settings. If you’re looking to perfect your shooting, you can check out my NBA 2K21 shooting tips guide, as well as the range of NBA 2K21 shooting badges for this year’s game.

We can expect more changes to come in the near future, and a number of key updates and refinements appear to be on the agenda at NBA 2K HQ.

NBA 2K21 host, Chris Manning, recently responded to some fan Tweets, hinting at some improvements coming that will focus on a few key community concerns.

One such piece of feedback appears to have actually come out of the initial shooting hotfix, which is somewhat ironic although not unexpected given patches do often lean to some balancing issues down the line.

The community is point to the range with which a shot can now be successful: initially, that range was far too punishing, but now it appears to have been increased too much. The “white” zone of a shot’s timing is categorised as shot that isn’t perfect — “green”, as it’s called — but still has good enough aiming and release to pass through the net. The “white” window is typically very small, and is essentially a margin of error. Adding Badges will give additional boost to this margin. The only problem is that the patch appears to have made this white patch far too wide, meaning Park players are hitting far more than they should be.


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