NBA 2K21 cover athlete: Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard

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I wonder how many of his tunes he'll put on the soundtrack. Wow this Dame D. O. L. L. A album includes a free basketball game. Neat!I did my best to suppress memories of that idiotic story he wrote, and here you are making me remember it again!RIP my control activity during these long asf cutscenes. RIP Dirtbike Donnie do not you ever set your fuckin hands on NBA 2K21 MT my coat again. Watching my 68 overall dude do that frequin and vibin while the other team conducts a quick break on use. Good times.

That story was fairly bad, but Vic's monologue at the end hit pretty hard. Congratulations Dame!I don't think anyone necessarily forgot but Dame was in absolutely scorching form before the lockdown.

Even I was pissed seeing it. You hate to see players fight it out for 48 minutes only for a bad decision to destroy it. It's unfair to invalidate the attempt and performance of the players on the winning team who did so much to get in a winning position but benefited from the poor call and it is unfair to the losing team who played hard all match but did not get a fair opportunity to shut out the game. Its even worse when u consider that they had been battling to get back into playoff contention with so many injuries which occurs in this a must win game

It entirely invalidated the sport and ruined the vibe, was this type of competitive game before that. CJ made a great point about it. Fundamentally he confessed that missed calls happen, but it had been shitty that the refs ignored him and explained it was not even close. It was particularly brutal because it was the second night of a b2b when half of our team was dead. It was a season and you could see how exhausted the players were.

Even the Jazz players looked fully aware of what happened. Gobert made a block, just happened to work out for a goal tend, which occurs when you are in the business of racking up a couple blocks in a mean game. It was a fantastic ball game shattered the fact that we do not do officiating very well. Probably among the worst missed calls I have seen.

Well I do not believe anything is as awful as KD taking like 4 steps out of bounds right in the front of the ref, slapping the ball back in the court, and was not called out. The saving grace was that GSW finally lost that match, however the blazers got completely shafted about the Gobert missed call. Goddamn, that KD from bounds play. What made that 10x worse would be the fucking ref was standing directly the fuck there. Hard not to get suspicious once you see shit that bad, frankly. Same for the dame play.

Ought to have been suspended. This was egregious. That was really debilitating. Rare to see a participant totally take over a match but Lillard is just on a completely different level. Here's the true goaltend.

Goddamnit. I didn't even see this match and I'm mad. Patient zero Gobert shaking his head no at the end also. Hate when this occurs. As a wolves fan we had that CP3 snitch untucked jersey loss which has been infuriating. You can certainly tell that he inquires and talks to this reporter in Cheap MT NBA 2K21 a way that will not get him fined. In the end no participant got fined for talking that telephone regardless of how they spoke about it. I do not recall where I saw this, however, Dame was in charge of more points (aka points + assists) within a ten game stretch than any player in NBA history, such as Wilt. Those two weeks were bananas.


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