About Cidobiz the only Social Media business network with follow and live chat

Since our launch we have been improving conversions for small independent businesses to amazing 500 companies. Our customers are seeing huge increases in their growth and overall sales. We are highly considered thought leaders by many in our Social space because of our rapid growth and innovations to keep up with the modern day Technology.


Whatever the market conditions or current trends, you will always find that Cidobiz Social Business Media is leading the way to help all of our customers gain competitive business advantage and stay ahead of the future. Once you join Cidobiz Social Business Media you can maximize your revenue and increase your ROI

Cidobiz is an amazing platform known for its most unique functions and uses. 
This all in 1 platform is designed for general public and business allowing people to get to know each other direct with optional direct calls and chats with video options available.

Cidobiz is split into 3 parts: to meet our user’s requirements.
1, We have a business solution, in which users can advertise, show products, local stores in your area, jobs opportunities, video upload, file sharing, blogs, articles, events and very much more.


2, Users can use our site to meet up with friends and family without being spied or spammed using our Cidobiz platform. Cidobiz users are able to talk freely with knowledge of our content rules. With us you can see a constant improvement with amazing new futures without changing layout and setting, and keeping everything simple and easy to use.
Things you will or might like are, Meet new people, no spamming your chats or wall unless you liked what you see. Create funding campaign, buy and sell, look for jobs, and find out local stores and deals and so much more.

3, Cidobiz Affiliate addition has become popular with our users when it comes to making an income of 20% of each affiliate user you bring. This also comes with lots of fun on meeting new people and starting your very own team. Read more here


We are 18 years plus platform provider including Mobile apps. We are constantly monitoring underage users and banning them along with their ip.